Doom Eternal-2

Doom Eternal may be cracked on day-1, Bethesda added non-Denuvo version in Bethesda Store release

Okay everyone, I’m getting RAGE 2 vibes right now. As we’ve already reported, the Steam version of Doom Eternal uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. However, it appears that Bethesda has done it again. Similarly to RAGE 2, there is a non-Denuvo executable file in its Bethesda Store version.

Now while this non-Denuvo executable file was available by default in RAGE 2, in Doom Eternal you’ll have to replace the default with the new one. This non-Denuvo executable file is located inside the “Doom Eternal/original” folder.

The Denuvo version of the Doom Eternal executable file is 450MB, whereas the non-Denuvo version is 67MB. According to reports, by replacing the files you can start and play the game’s single-player campaign mode.

Naturally, this opens up the doors to crackers who will now be able to crack the game on launch day. Thus, it remains to be seen whether Bethesda will remove Denuvo from the Steam version. Let’s not forget that this is exactly what happened with RAGE 2.

Stay tuned for more!