Doom Eternal has been delayed until March 2020, Doom 64 releases on the same day

Bethesda has just announced that Doom Eternal will now release on March 20th, 2020. According to the publisher, this extra time will give id Software enough time to further polish the game. In addition, Doom 64 will come out on the PC on the very same day, and will be a pre-order bonus for Doom Eternal.

Do note that Doom 64 will also be available for purchase separately. In other words, it won’t be an exclusive pre-order offer. Still, those who pre-order Doom Eternal will get free access to Doom 64 on its launch day.

Lastly, the publisher will stick to its Battle Mode multiplayer mode. Even though the game is delayed for almost four months, id Software will not be adding a deathmatch or team deathmatch mode.

Bethesda was originally planning to release Doom Eternal on November 22nd.