Doom Eternal Gameplay Overhaul Mod increases ammo capacity, improves double jump & more

A lot of gamers hated Doom Eternal due to its limited ammo capacity. id Software has decided to alter the gameplay so that players could use a wide range of weapons, as well as the chainsaw so they could refill their ammo. Thankfully for those people, though, there is a gameplay overhaul mod that you can download and bring the game closer to Doom 2016.

Created by modder ‘gladias9’, this gameplay overhaul mod brings a collection of tweaks. Most importantly, this mod increases the a mo capacity upgrades by roughly 50%. This basically means that you can now have more ammo to shoot demons instead of looting enemies.

In addition, this mod increases the height of double jump. This is a major gameplay tweak as it will allow you to traverse the levels with ease.

Furthermore, this mod reduces the cost of weapon upgrades. As such, players can unlock skills quicker so they can experiment with them in the sandbox.

As said, this gameplay overhaul mod is something that most Doom 2016 will find useful. While it does not make Doom Eternal exactly like Doom 2016, it provides a nice mix of them.

You can download this Doom Eternal Gameplay Overhaul Mod from here.

Have fun!