Doom Eternal new-2

Doom Eternal does not have a main or render thread, Anti-Aliasing uses up to 32 temporal subsamples

id Software’s Tiago Sousa and Axel Gneiting have shared some new tech details about Doom Eternal. According to Gneiting, Doom Eternal does not have a main or render thread. Instead, the game has jobs with one worker thread per core.

Although Gneiting has not shared the exact number of jobs per frame, he estimated that it’s around 100.

On the other hand, Tiago Sousa stated that the game’s Anti-Aliasing solution uses up to 32 temporal subsamples.

Furthermore, certain techniques in id Tech7 rely on temporal accumulation to distribute costs over many frames. Thus, disabling it will result in on many techniques/surfaces looking super noisy/aliased.

Tiago Sousa has also confirmed that Megatextures is no longer available in Doom Eternal. Instead, id Tech 7 uses streaming textures.