Divinity: Original Sin Enters Beta Phase

Larian Studios has unleashed a massive update for Divinity: Original Sin on Steam Early Access, taking the game into beta while adding loads of new talents and skills; brand new areas to explore and a whole load of other improvements.

The beta comes as a welcome update for players already enjoying the alpha in both solo and co-operative play, nearly doubling the amount of campaign gameplay available in Early Access – with much more yet to come at launch.

To celebrate the beta launch, Larian has also released a new video that showcases Original Sin’s highly varied combat.

Here are the key features of this latest update:

  • 28 exciting new talents, including such fun things like the Lone Wolf perk, which gives a player super abilities, but makes it impossible for him or her to hire companions.

  • More than 60 new skills, allowing for a new brand of synergies, such as combining the Invisibility skill with Pickpocketing

  • A new witchcraft skill tree that can be combined with other skills to deadly effect

  • New areas to explore , new foes to fight, new items to find & new secrets to discover

  • A brand new character creation screen with new presets such as the Shadowblade or the Wayfarer, and an enormous amount of customisation options.

  • More environmental interactions – you can smash or burn doors, pickpocket characters & use staffs to electrify pools of water. Or how about burning wooden chests to get the loot inside?

  • Improved AI, user interface, graphics, loading times, performance and stability mean playing Divinity: Original Sin has never been this smooth

  • A truckload of new sound effects & music tracks


Divinity: Original Sin - Beta Announcement Trailer