Distance – Spiritual Successor To Nitronic Rush – Now Available On Steam Early Access

Refract has just released their neon-infused survival racing game Distance – the spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush – on Steam Early Access for $19.99. Available today on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Distance will be 15% off during its first week for $16.99 until December 16th.

In Distance your car must survive a deadly and mysterious city by jumping, flying, and performing parkour-style maneuvers. As a spiritual sequel to the award-winning indie racer Nitronic Rush, it shares many similar gameplay concepts while adding depth and variety across the board.

As the press release reads, the beta features a short atmospheric story mode, solo/multiplayer modes like sprint, reverse tag, and stunt, and a level editor connected to Steam Workshop with over 165 levels already shared by Distance beta players.


Distance - Early Access Trailer