Distance – New Build Adds Four New Challenge Mode Levels, Spectator Mode & Faster Level Restarting

Refract has released an update recap video unveiling new features and content from the latest beta build of Distance. As the company noted, Distance Build 3153 contains four new Challenge mode levels, a procedurally generated spectator mode, faster level restarting, and several other modifications and bug fixes.

As the press release reads, Distance fuses the intense action of arcade racing with the exploration of a mysterious world. You control a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and even fly through a chaotic city.

In August, Distance was released as a private beta on Windows, Mac, and Linux to over 6,000 backers last month after 2 years of development. The beta currently features a short single player campaign alongside split-screen and online multiplayer modes such as Sprint, Reverse Tag, Stunt, and Soccer.

Distance also includes a powerful level editor which is connected to Steam Workshop.

Distance will be available on Steam Early Access this Fall (exact date to be announced).