Disappointiment – Deus Ex: The Fall Is An FPS For iOS Devices, Fans Angered

Deus Ex Disappointment
And Square Enix has trolled us. Remember Deus Ex: The Fall? Such a promising title, right? Well, it appears that this is nothing more than an FPS title for iOS devices. Yeap, no sequel to Human Revolution, no next-gen title, nothing. Just an iPhone/iPad game. Boy, what a disappointment. Players take the role of Ben Saxon, a former British SAS Mercenary who underwent physical augmentation, and is desperate for the truth behind the drug conspiracy. You can find below its reveal trailer.
What’s also funny is that a lot of Deus Ex fans got angered and frustrated by this announcement. As we can see, Deus Ex: The Fall’s trailer has been massively downvoted. As of right now, the downvotes are 1000%  more than the upvotes. Justs, wow.
A lot of gamers have commented on it, claiming that this iOS deal is a disgrace to the Deus Ex franchise.
Huge letdown, unless they’re announcing a new PC and console Deus Ex at E3 as well. At the very least they should release it on Android as well, I won’t become an iSheep just to play a Deus Ex game.” commented a YouTube’s user, while another one wrote “Oh god, I wonder what they think now when they look at the dislike bar. This was not a good idea…. They just lost all their PC gamers.”
Naturally, there are all kinds of memes and jokes, from “I didn’t ask for this” to “You had one job, and that was to make have a decent stab at Deus Ex 4. You have failed in that task.”


Deus Ex: The Fall - Announcement