DiRT Rally – No Plans For DLC, FOV Option Coming Soon, Mod Tools Not Coming Due To Licensing Issues

Codemasters’ community manager has shared some new information about their amazing rally sim, DiRT Rally, on Reddit. According to Codies, a FOV option that will let players adjust their field of view is on the list and will most probably be added to the game via a new patch.

Moreover, Codemasters will improve the general mechanical damage when it does the next pass on the cars.

What may please some is that Codemasters does not have any plans for DLCs.

As Codemasters’ community manager wrote:

“We don’t have any plans for DLC at the moment, it’s unlikely we’ll do any to be honest.”

But what about some mod tools so that players can create their own tracks and cars? Well, these tools are not coming any time soon. The reason Codies won’t be offering these tools is due to licensing issues that may surface.

“I’d love for us too. Truth is for us to implement it the way people are asking is difficult and sometimes not possible at all.

We couldn’t allow people to mod in new cars because of licencing

Even liveries on cars (officially supported) causes licensing issues

Custom tracks – we don’t have a tool that would enable you guys to make them.

There are somethings that could be done but it seems that every possible way look at incorporating mod support we hit a legal reason why we can’t.

It’s not off the cards yet but I really can’t promise anything.”