DiRT Rally is free on Humble Bundle, Celeste and Inside free on Epic Games Store

Codemasters is currently offering the first DiRT Rally game on Humble Bundle for free. On the other hand, the Epic Games Store has Celeste and Inside available for free. As such, and since we’re talking about three great games, we strongly suggest downloading and playing them.

The free offer for DiRT Rally will end in two days and 19 hours. DiRT Rally is one of the best modern-day rally sim games out there. Codemasters was able to offer a truly great sim, and this is a game that most rally fans should experience.

Celeste is a narrative-driven, single-player adventure, with a charming cast of characters and a touching story of self-discovery. The game features 700+ screens of hardcore platforming challenges and devious secrets. The game’s controls are also simple and accessible; simply jump, air-dash, and climb. Celeste is easy to play but difficult to master.

Last but not least, Inside is 2D puzzle platformer from the team behind LIMBO. It’s a really interesting game that won various awards when it came out in 2016. As such, go ahead and give it a go if you haven’t player it.

You can acquire your free copy of DiRT Rally from here, and your free copies for Celeste and Inside from here.

Have fun!