Dino Crisis classic wallpaper

Dino Crisis Rebirth is a Dino Crisis Remaster that can take advantage of the DirectX 9 API

As you may already know, an indie team is currently working on a remake of Dino Crisis in Unreal Engine 4. However, there is also another project that all Dino Crisis purists fans will appreciate. This project, called Dino Crisis Rebirth, aims to remaster the original PC version for modern-day PC systems.

Developed by Gemini, Dino Crisis Rebirth looks really promising and will release soon. My guess is that its creator targets a 2020 release. Gemini has also released a new gameplay video, showcasing the new DirectX 9 renderer that the game now uses.

According to Gemini, most rendering tricks from the original version have been re-implemented and improved for performance. For instance, the vertex effect is dynamic and causes no lag, even at the highest resolutions. Another example is texture filtering, which looked absolutely hideous in the vanilla version. Thankfully, the current implementation “doesn’t break a sweat at texture transparent corners disappearing into the void.”

Below you can find the latest gameplay video for Dino Crisis Rebirth. Although Gemini has not shared any additional details, my guess is that this remaster will require the files from the original PC version to work. Therefore, think of this fan remaster as a mod/patch for the original game. Furthermore, the main focus of this mod is accuracy and overall compatibility. As such, don’t expect significantly better visuals than those found in the original version.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Dino Crisis Classic REbirth / Now powered by DirectX 9!