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Dino Crisis Rebirth, Dino Crisis Remaster using DirectX 9, is now available for download

Back in January, we informed you about a Remaster Mod for Dino Crisis, called Dino Crisis Rebirth. And today, we are happy to report that this mod is finally available for download.

Dino Crisis Classic REbirth is an unofficial patch for the Japanese SourceNext PC version of Dino Crisis. This is a crucial detail as the mod/patch will not work with the MediaKite release. However, if you have the install data from any Japanese version, you can use this SourceNext patch to make it compatible with Classic REbirth.

Going into more details, Dino Crisis Rebirth replaces DirectDraw 5.00 with DirectX 9. As such, PC gamers can expect improved compatibility with modern GPUs. Not only that, but the team plans to implement OpenGL and DirectX11 in a later versions.

Moreover, this mod/patch adds a new 3D rendering mode with more precise transformation methods that fix wobbliness and texture warping. It also improves sound capabilities of the game, making the audio driver switch from 22050Hz 8bit audio driver to 44100Hz 16bits. Additionally, it fixes a bug that causes music to increasingly speed up when player gets damaged across rooms without healing.

What’s also cool here is that Dino Crisis Rebirth adds resolutions higher than 640×480, with support to up to 4K. It also adds a hotkey to switch resolution in game, and provides a more stable borderless window mode to replace glitchy fullscreen.

Lastly, this mod fixes various frame rate issues to provide smooth 30/60 fps support.

In short, this is a must-have mod/patch for all Dino Crisis fans out there.

You can download Dino Crisis Rebirth from here.

Have fun!

Dino Crisis Classic REbirth / Now powered by DirectX 9!