DICE’s Daniel Matros reveals: a lot of cheaters have been dealt with; details for upcoming patch coming soon

It’s a known fact that cheaters have been abusing Battlefield 3, and let us tell you that they are a lot of them. It’s good if you haven’t encountered anyone, but from our experience, each and every server has one of them these last days. Thankfully, DICE is already punishing them and Daniel Matros, DICE’s Community Manager, revealed that DICE will eventually give out accurate numbers about this whole thing.
Moreover, Daniel revealed that ‘a lot of people were caught cheating and dealt with‘. This is reasurring, as it’s pretty much obvious that DICE is working on cleaning up this mess. Therefore, if you’ve encountered a cheater, go ahead and report him. If he’s indeed cheating, he’ll be punished.
Last but not least, Daniel stated that we’ll get – hopefully – soon new details about BF3’s upcoming patch.
As Daniel tweeted when a fan asked whether there was an ETA about the details of the upcoming patch:
“Not right now. Hopefully soon :)”
We are really looking forward to the changelog of Battlefield 3’s upcoming patch, so stay tuned for more!