Battlefield 3 header screenshot

DICE may be working on a Battlefield 3 Remaster, may announce it at EA Play 2020

It appears that DICE may be working on a remaster of Battlefield 3. This information comes from YouTube’s ‘Daqarie’, who has previously accurately leaked both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5. So yeah, this appears to be the real deal.

According to the YouTuber, this BF3 Remaster will be launching behind another Battlefield project. In other words, it won’t be a standalone game (at least initially). Instead, DICE will package it alongside the next Battlefield game.

Moreover, the YouTube re-affirmed that the next Battlefield game will be set in modern day. We reported on this rumor yesterday, and it appears that the next-gen Battlefield will be indeed a modern-day BF game.

Battlefield 3 Remaster will launch with all of its DLC content, and DICE plans on supporting it with more cosmetics.

Lastly, Electronic Arts may reveal this upcoming remaster next week, at EA Play 2020. Do note that this hasn’t been confirmed yet, so EA and DICE may very well skip the game’s announcement at this upcoming event.

As always, we suggest taking these rumors with a grain of salt. While this YouTuber is a credible source, things may very well change at the last minute.

Stay tuned for more!