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Devolver Digital teases a new Serious Sam game, to be released this month

Devolver Digital has just teased a brand new Serious Sam game. According to the publisher, this new Serious Sam game will be officially announced next week, and will release later this month.

My guess is that this is a spinoff game and not the next big Serious Sam game. From the looks of it, it will have snowy environments (so perhaps a late Christmas surprise?). In short, don’t expect this to be Serious Sam 5.

Devolver has also shared a teaser trailer for this Serious Sam game that you can find below. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t any YouTube version of it. As such, this teaser trailer is full of compression artifacts. There is also a higher-quality YouTube video at the end of the article.

Let’s just hope that this new Serious Sam game will release in a better state than Serious Sam 4. As we’ve reported, Serious Sam 4 had performance issues on multiple GPUs. Not only that, but its graphics were not that impressive, especially for a Serious Sam game.

Stay tuned for more!

A Seriously Cold Teaser