Devolver and Croteam will share Serious Sam news tomorrow, most likely about Serious Sam 4

It’s been two years since the last time we heard anything about Serious Sam 4. In June 2018, Croteam released some pre-alpha screenshots. Thus, we are happy to report that Croteam and Devolver will share some Serious Sam news tomorrow. And, if we were to guess, the teams will re-reveal Serious Sam 4.

A couple of days ago, Croteam hinted at some cool news. Naturally, most of us assumed that this news would be about Serious Sam 4. However, we didn’t have any confirmation about this until today.

A few minutes ago, Devolver tweeted that it’ll get “Serious” tomorrow. So yeah, Devolver and Croteam will definitely share some news about the Serious Sam franchise.

Let’s at least hope that this news will be about Serious Sam 4, and not about a spin-off or about Serious Sam Fusion. It’s been two years since we last heard about Serious Sam 4, and we… ahem… seriously want an update on its progress.

Stay tuned for more!