Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – New Information Revealed (Endings, Augmentations, Illuminati Reference)

Yesterday, EIDOS Montreal and Square Enix revealed some new information about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. According to Jean-Francois Dugas, there are truths in all the endings of Human Revolution, however EIDOS Montreal decided to choose one cannon in which Jensen decides to sink the facility at the end of the last game.

“In terms of what happened and what are rumours… that’s still up in the air. So no matter what ending you choose (in Human Revolution) there is something true about it but there is also something that might not be true or that might be transformed in one way or another by the media.”

While showcasing the P.E.P.S. gun, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête talked a bit about the game’s augmentations.

“The augmentations like JF mentioned earlier. There is a lot more of them on the offensive side of things to kind create this back and forth, this really smooth back and forth in combat, this leveraging of the combat pillar between weapons and augmentations, and all that.”

Jean-Francois Dugas added:

“[In Mankind Divided] You are still going to have an energy system that will kind of limit the use of augmentations, but this time around you’re going to have way more possibilities at once. The way we’re balancing it now it’s not just… you’re not going to run for chocolate bars anymore and try to just be able to use your augmentations. So our goal is to not make them too powerful but at the same time they need to be powerful enough so that you can have a blast with them. So you will be able to use more than one power at once and have some fun with it.”

Regarding the Illuminati, Jean-Francois Dugas dropped the following hint:

“There are still people out there that take they can stir you in one direction or another, and it seems like they are in top shape because they are not ready to rest.”

Obviously Jean-Francois did not want to spoil things, but we can definitely expect some Illuminati references in Mankind Divided.

Jean-Francois also confirmed that this time, players will be able to literally run away from bosses.

Regarding the choices in Mankind Divided that players will have to make, Jean-Francois claimed that it will be more influential to the whole game and not like the ones in Human Revolution.

“With Human Revolution, the way we did that [choices influencing story] and with the endings and the choices is that… the simple ugly truth is that we ran out of time to do exactly what we wanted. The other ugly truth is that back in the days we were like so much like… it was a lot of stress, a lot of work. And we were like “let’s make sure we make a great game” and we were not necessarily thinking about the future really. We were just like “Let’s see what happens with this one and we’ll think about the future afterwards”. That’s why things were the way they were. For this game definitely it’s not going to be a four-button magical trick that gives you ending one, two, three, four. What you do in the game is going to have actually a real impact on what possibilities you have in the end and things like that.”

Jean-Francois concluded that Mankind Divided – and its endings as well as the choices that will offer – will be a definitely different game than Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is currently planned for a February 23rd release!

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