Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s X360 and PS3 Versions Leaked; PC version is still safe

You’ve seen in the past posts about major PC leaks but we all know that leaks are more often on consoles and here comes a major leak for a highly anticipated game. It is pretty much confirmed at this moment that Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s X360 and PS3 versions are leaked on various torrent sites, five days before their release. Now obviously we can only assume that a reviewer leaked it or that a store broke its street release and someone put it on the Internet.
On the other hand, the PC version is still safe and won’t be leaked from what we can tell. The game uses Valve’s distribution service and the review copies were sent with a nice lock-up system that basically prevents any leak.
Last  but not least, we should inform you that an in-depth performance analysis will be hopefully released alongside the game’s release, so stay tuned!