Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC gets a new patch; stuttering reduced, SSAO and 3D Vision improved

Well lookie here, we got us a new PC update for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And no, we are not kidding. Nixxes and EIDOS Montreal have just released a new patch for the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that reduces the stuttering in the game, improves parallelism with the graphics driver on multi-core machines, improves SSAO, and resolves various issues with Nvidia’s 3D Vision. The patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam and you can view its entire changelog below. Enjoy!
Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Update Changelog:
– Some players accounted a problem where the Tai Young Medical shuttle in Hengsha would not arrive. This has been resolved.
• Existing save-games can be loaded and continued from normally, the shuttle will now arrive.
– We have provided a workaround for stability and performance issues on AMD FX CPUs with specific firmware versions.
– We have made further changes to reduce stuttering in the game.
• Improvements to background streaming of resources. (on DX11 only)
• Workarounds have been added for issues that can happen with Windows asynchronous file IO.
• We have improved parallelism with the graphics driver on dual-core machines. (should also benefit machines with more cores)
– SSAO has been improved to look less noisy.
– Various minor issues with 3DVision have been resolved.