Deus Ex: Human Revolution – New PC Update Released; Improves Load Times By Up To 50%

Square Enix has just released a new update for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. No, this is not that hotfix that was issued two days ago. This is a brand new update that – among other things – improves the loading times. As with most updates that are distributed via Valve’s distribution service, it will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. Those interested can view the entire changelog after the jump.
This latest patch addresses:
-A frequent issue for AMD/ATI hardware users that can cause the game to crash on startup.
-Improvements to loading speed. The speed increase depends on machine spec and settings, but loading time improvements of over 50% have been measured on some machines.
Some control fixes:
-Diagonal movement is no longer faster as intended.
-Adjustments have been made to mouse sensitivity in response to user feedback.
-Mouse sensitivity for X and Y axis can still be configured separately, but is now consistent when set to default settings.
-The range of settings for mouse sensitivity has been adjusted to provide for more accurate adjusting.
-The default mouse sensitivity has been altered to be somewhat less sensitive.