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Despite rumors, there won’t be an announcement for a new Injustice game at DC FanDome 2020

A rumor surfaced earlier this month, suggesting that Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios were planning to announce a new Injustice game. However, that won’t be the case. Warner Bros has released a press release in which it clearly states that the only new games that will be announced during this event are the Batman and Suicide Squad games.

Let’s start from the beginning though. Artist BossLogic had shared a fan art for Injustice 3. Since Ed Boon will be attending DC FanDome 2020, a lot of people assumed that this was a teaser for Injustice 3.

Sadly, this is just a fan artwork and nothing more. Yes, Bosslogic has done lots of official artwork for games. However, that’s not what is happening here. Bosslogic simply created a fan art in order to share it with Ed Boon (so that maybe he can secure a place in the next Injustice game). So no, this isn’t a teaser or an official artwork for the next Injustice game.

Earlier this morning, Warner Bros has issued an official press release for DC FanDome 2020. As the company stated.

“In case you missed it, two games will be announced. So, be sure to tune-in for those announcements and much more!”

These two games are Batman: Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Warner Bros has also revealed why Ed Boon will be attending DC FanDome. According to the team, there will be a panel/discussion for the creation of the Injustice games.

Saturday, 12th September – Inside Injustice – Making the Hit Games & Comics Panel

This will be an inside look at the creation of the best-selling Injustice games and comic books with Ed Boon, Jim Lee, Tom Taylor and Dominic Cianciolo.