Classic shooter ‘Descent’ comes to Unreal Engine 3 via this fan-made remake

Does anyone remember Descent? You know, one of the first 6DOF games that offered unprecedented level of freedom and control? Well, get ready for a treat, as a single man is developing a remake for Parallax Software’s shooter that is powered by Unreal Engine 3. Max has released the first gameplay footage of his remake, showcasing a number of features that has managed to implement, and can be viewed below.
The following video features complete 6DOF movement with proper acceleration on every axis and double/triple chording, weapon system basics for primary and secondary weapons that can be fired simultaneously, laser and ball fire projectiles, basic robot AI and spawn points for easy placement of robots in a map.
The final version of this Descent remake promises to feature a retelling of the original story, remakes of the original levels, with an emphasis on a thriller/horror atmosphere, remodeled and animated original robots with advanced AI, all the weapons from Descent with potential new ones mixed in, high-detail Pyro-GX ship model with 3D cockpit view and more diverse gameplay (but with a strong focus on the basics that made Descent great).
Enjoy and let’s hope that Interplay will not send him a C&D letter!
Descent to UDK - Experimental [Sol Contingency]