Denuvo 5.6, used in Metro Exodus, has been cracked in five days

Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn are the latest games powered by the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. From the looks of it, 4A Games and Ubisoft have used a new version of this anti-tamper tech, Denuvo 5.6, which has been cracked in just five days.

This version of Denuvo is newer than what was used in Ace Combat 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake. Still, this didn’t really stop the scene groups from cracking the game. Now as with all the Denuvo cracks, this does not remove the anti-tamper tech. As such, players cannot use this cracked version in order to measure the performance impact that Denuvo has on this specific title.

Denuvo has claimed that its anti-tamper tech is meant for securing the sales for the first days and since there wasn’t any day-1 crack, I guess that it succeeded in doing so. However, and since the game has been cracked, Deep Silver should remove Denuvo in order to provide a better experience to all of its legitimate customers (as well as make the game more appealing to those that boycott Denuvo-powered games).

It will be interesting to see whether this crack will impact the game’s sales and whether gamers will download the pirated version in order to immaturely show Deep Silver their displeasure over the Steam/Epic Store controversy.

As always, we strongly suggest supporting the developers for their hard work. If you are not interested in a game, there is no point at all downloading a pirated version of it!