The Alien Cube feature

Demo released for the CRYENGINE-powered Lovecraftian horror adventure game, The Alien Cube

Alessandro Guzzo is currently working on a Lovecraftian horror adventure game, called The Alien Cube. The Alien Cube will be using CRYENGINE, and there is a free demo that you can download right now.

The Alien Cube is a Lovecraftian horror adventure where you play the role of Arthur; a solitary man whose life is about to change dramatically.

According to the game’s description, strange events start to happen after a mysterious finding. The world around you seems to hide a terrible truth, a dark and mysterious reality that no man should never see. Thus, players will try to survive the darkness that is haunting them.

You can download the game’s demo from here, and below you can find its key features.

  • SURVIVE — Wander in snowy forests, face hostile weather conditions and travel through otherworldly places and creepy dungeons.
  • LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR — Experience an atmosphere of decay and terror, trying to delve into an incomprehensible reality.
  • EXPLORE & INTERACT — Discover horrifying places, find items to solve puzzles and seek out clues to help unravel the mystery.
  • BEAUTIFUL VISUALS — CryEngine 5-powered graphics with photogrammetric technology allows powerful visuals.
  • IMMERSIVE AUDIO — An atmospheric soundtrack and high quality ambient sounds will give you a true horror experience.
  • THE LAND OF PAIN — Investigate your uncle, the protagonist of the game The Land of Pain. Discover the truth about his past and find how these two games are connected.

Have fun!

The Alien Cube reveal trailer