Demo released for the indie first-person shooter inspired by FEAR, Trepang2

Wilson C has released a single-player demo for his upcoming indie first-person shooter that is heavily inspired by FEAR, Trepang2. For this demo, Wilson has improved the visuals and added a ton of improvements and cool features, including a minigun, slide kicking and dismemberment.

Now as Wilson has stated, this game is still in a very early state and the demo is not that polished. For instance, saving/loading is very slow, there are fickering/white flashes when turning or moving fast in outdoor scene, and CPU optimization is not that great.

Moreover, the AI has problems identifying sound types, freezes up occasionally while investigating a sound, has trouble prioritizing multiple enemies, has twitch spasms when near danger or a grenade, AI investigations are bugged up and there can be all kinds of physics glitches.

So yeah, think of this demo as a prototype that will give you an idea of what this developer aims to achieve. And since we haven’t gotten any new FEAR game, I believe that some gamers will be interested in its gameplay mechanics.

You can download the demo from here, and below you can find some videos from it!

Slow mo shotgun and minigun rampage