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Deathloop suffers from mouse jittering and stutters, but not due to Denuvo

Bethesda has just released Deathloop, however, it appears that the PC version suffers from some issues. From what we’ve discovered, the game suffers from mouse jittering issues, as well as stutters that are present when gaming with framerates between 60-90fps. However, these issues have nothing to do with the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

Now I’m bringing up Denuvo because a lot of PC gamers are currently blaming it for its stuttering issues. And that’s as inaccurate as it can get. We know that a lot of people hate Denuvo, however, Denuvo is not the issue here.

The reason we’re saying this is because the game suffers from jittering issues only when using the mouse. When using a gamepad, the camera movement is smooth. If Denuvo was causing these jitters, they would also be present when using a gamepad. This basically means that there is something wrong with the mouse implementation (and from the looks of it this is a mouse polling rate issue).

Now as I said, the game also suffers from some stuttering issues. From the looks of it, the game’s stuttering issues are more obvious when the framerate is lower than 100fps, and they are somehow tied to the framerate. The lower your framerate, the more obvious these stutters are. This is why 4K appears to be so stuttery. And yes, this appears to be an issue with the game engine itself. Arkane’s community manager has stated that the team is aware of these issues, and is investigating them. In order to minimize these stutters, you’ll have to run the game at 100-120fps.

We’ve been extensively testing Deathloop, which is why our PC Performance Analysis is slightly delayed. After all, these mouse jittering and stuttering issues are things that currently affect all PC gamers. And while there isn’t currently any fix for the mouse jittering, there is a workaround for the game’s “stuttery experience“.

We’ve been able to replicate this “stuttery experience” multiple times on both NVIDIA’s and AMD’s hardware. We’ve also been able to resolve this issue in 4K by simply decreasing resolutions/settings to hit 100-120fps.

Here is a video that showcases the aforementioned stuttering issues. Even when running with 90fps in 4K, the game feels stuttery. I mean, you can clearly see this “stuttery” movement at the start of the cut-scene. On the other hand, the game feels smoother with 120fps. Also check the mouse movement in the menus (which is smoother at the native 1440p res when running at 120fps).

Deathloop - PC - Stuttering Issues when gaming below 100fps

Our “Ray Tracing & AMD FSR” benchmarks article will go live later tonight, so stay tuned for more!