Death Rally PC – Digital Version Out, Retail Coming From Nordic Games

Nordic Games announced that they have signed a publishing deal with the state-of-the-art developer Remedy Entertainment to release a PC boxed edition of their top down racing game, Death Rally, developed in co-operation with Cornfox and Bros and Mountain Sheep, available in stores from the 10th August. The digital version of Death Rally is currently available on Steam and comes with a 15% discount.
Klemens Kreuzer, General Manager of Nordic Games  said:
“Remedy has a strong development team and with this title they’ve teamed up with other fantastic development teams, Cornfox and Bros and Mountain Sheep to bring Death Rally back to PC. We’re tremendously excited to be working alongside Remedy and their partners. We are committed to delivering fun and exciting titles and Death Rally has certainly proved itself as being exactly that.”
Oskari Häkkinen, Head of Franchise Development at Remedy Entertainment added:
“This new deal with Nordic Games will bolster the presence of Death Rally as a PC game significantly. It’s great to see the very first game that we developed now becoming bigger and better. Our working relationship with Nordic Games is going from strength to strength and they have proved that they can make a great success of our games IP.”
Players intensely race their cars to the finish line whilst gathering money and upgrading their cars and weapons. No trick is too dirty to win in this vicious racing game, just leave a blazing trail of spent brass behind you.