Dead Rising 4 – Upcoming update will improve AI, add Distress Calls & will improve overall gameplay experience

Capcom has announced that a new update for Dead Rising 4 is under development. According to the team, this update will add new weapons for Maniacs – that suit their character – improve their AI and will allow Frank reward to get a Maniac’s weapon after defeating him/her.

This update will also add six side missions called Distress Calls. During Frank’s time in Willamette, he will have the opportunity to answer these Distress Calls and aid a survivor in a newly scripted mission, carrying out a quest for the survivor. Once he’s accomplished the assigned task, Frank will have to protect the survivor from the zombie hordes as they make their way to a safe location.

Capcom will also improve the overall gameplay experience by improving controller responsiveness, implementing faster attack speed, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI, mission tuning and more.

This update will be released for free to all Dead Rising 4 owners on December 5th, and will also include the new game mode, Capcom Heroes.


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