Dead Island: Riptide – George Romero Survival Horror Edition V9 Mod Released

Dead Island Riptide
Modder Adeno has released the latest version of his George Romero Survival Horror Edition mod for Dead Island: Riptide. According to its description, this mod makes the zombies in Riptide behave like the classic zombies found in movies like “Night of the Living Dead”, “Day of the Dead”, and “Dawn of the Dead”. This means that zombies in Riptide will now only die from damaging the brain or completely destroying the head. Zombies are also more relentless and they’ll start going after you from a further distance.
The latest version of this mod sports a new battle system, called “Dynamic Fighting System”, or simply “Realistic Damage”.
“The reason for creating this new battle system is that in the previous versions of the mod, killing zombies was too easy no matter what weapon you were using. For example, in the old versions, a golf club is just as good as a sword and it only takes one hit to a zombie’s head to kill it. Some of the mod users also agreed with me on this, and that’s why I had to figure out a way to make dealing with zombies challenging again.”
This basically means that the way you fight zombies will change depending on the situation and the weapon that you are using.
Those interested can download the mod from here.
Here are the mod’s key features:
-Zombies only die by destroying the head or somehow causing harm to the head.
-Three zombie ai versions: slow Zombies that only grab, slow zombies that can attack, and modern fast zombies that can attack.
-Zombie bites are fatal. Even slow Romero zombies are big threats if you let one grab you and bite your neck!
-Zombies will notice you from far away and will continue following you unless they encounter geographical challenges.
-Realistic Damage, weapon effectiveness vary, with smaller and weaker items not being so effective and weapons designed for killing more useful.
-You can now collect food and drinks instead of using them right away. Collecting food is very valuable especially when trying to survive against modern zombies.
-Increased zombie population in certain areas.
-There is now a No HUD option to get as close to “reality” as possible.
-Optional: Survivalist, War, and Special shops versions.
-Optional: Survivalist and Tourist inventory versions.
-Optional: Survivalist and Tourist realistic damage versions.
-Optional: EXP Rate versions: 25%, 50%, 75%, 2X, and 5X.
-BONUS: Matrix Mode
-BONUS: Level Chooser
-BONUS: Athletic Mode
Enjoy the following videos!
George Romero Riptide Survival Horror Edition V9 PC

Dynamic Fighting System Demo - George Romero Survival Horror Edition V9 for Dead Island Riptide PC