Dead Island Helper: Version 1.4 Is Out Now; A tool that promises to fix Techland’s broken game

We’ve seen it in the past. Publishers releasing a broken game and developers trying to fix its issues unsuccessfully. Who can forget Vampire: Bloodlines and what happened when Troika was shut down? All hell broke loose but… there is a big BUT. The PC Gaming Community stood up saying proudly “Hell no, we are PC gamers. We’re gonna fix this broken game” and as a result of that, we got lots of unofficial patches for it. Fast forward a couple of years and the same thing might happen with Dead Island.
Techland won’t obviously share Troika’s fate, but these two companies share something in common. They both released a broken game and although they’re trying to fix its issues, gamers want a workaround here and now. So guys, here is a tool that promises to fix most of Dead Island’s issues.
This tool has an option to enable vertical syncronization, an option to disable dust, an option to disable the desaturation effect, fixes the microstuttering that is caused by repeated keystrokes, fixes sluggish mouse in menus and has an option to disable SSAO shader for increased performance.
Those interested can download it from here.