DEAD DOZEN is a new multiplayer action horror game, first screenshots & pre-alpha gameplay footage

Fntastic has informed us about its upcoming multiplayer action horror game, DEAD DOZEN. In DEAD DOZEN, eleven players are being chased by a Ghoul and they have to survive by looting, barricading and cooperating. However, once a player is killed, he/she will turn into a Ghoul that their comrades will have to kill.

It’s a pretty interesting concept, however the game still needs a lot of work.¬†Fntastic has released the first screenshots and a gameplay video (featuring pre-alpha footage) that you can view below. As you will immediately notice, the animations are pretty rough, there aren’t any bullet reactions, and the sounds are a bit average.

Fntastic plans to release DEAD DOZEN via Early Access on January 18th. This Early Access version will include the core game loop alongside a lot of the mechanics, 1 map, multiplayer and matchmaking.

Here is hoping that Fntastic will keep working on this as DEAD DOZEN has potential. The game lacks polish and this will be crucial to DEAD ZONE’s success (or demise).