DayZ has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide

Bohemia Interactive has announced that it has just welcomed the four millionth Survivor into the post-apocalyptic land of Chernarus – the fictional world where DayZ takes place. In other words, and one week after entering its beta phase, the standalone version of DayZ has sold more than 4 million copies.

Eugen Harton, DayZ’s Lead Producer at Bohemia, said:

“It’s always nice to see new players trying DayZ, but what’s probably even more important to me is that our existing community is slowly coming back into the game after taking a break. We have dozens of community servers opening again and experimenting with early mods. We’ve more than doubled our daily active players count after the PC BETA, and that’s with a game that still needs a lot of polishing and bug fixes. The growing excitement is such a welcome change, especially after the last two years that were really tough for us and the community alike.”

Bohemia Interactive has also released a new set of screenshots for DayZ Standalone that you can find below!