Daytona Championship USA Arcade 2017 can be downloaded from SEGA & run on the PC via HEX Editors

Back in 2017, SEGA released on the arcades a new version of its classic Daytona racing game, Daytona Championship USA. However, it appears that the company has included the source code of its full game in the latest update that can be downloaded from its official site. As such, gamers can download it and make it work on the PC via HEX editors.

Daytona Championship USA features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated DAYTONA International Speedway, as well as remastered versions of the three classic tracks that were featured in the original game. Furthermore, the game packs a bit better graphics than the original version, though it cannot come close to what gamers could expect from a 2017 arcade racing game.

PC gamers have been trying these days to make this game work on the PC platform. So far they have managed to run the game on the PC platform and they have implemented functioning controls. The game is not fully enjoyable yet (the controls need further polishing as they are too sensitive), however, it can be considered fully playable.

Naturally, we won’t allow links to the update, despite the fact that the link is coming directly from SEGA’s official website. Those interested can search for it, find it and download it.

Below you can find a video showing Daytona Championship USA running with 60fps on the PC, as well as a video from its latest version/experiment that supports functioning controls!

Daytona Championship USA (2017) - Working on PC!

Daytona Championship USA - Working on PC: Now with controls!