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Dark Souls series has sold 27 million units, with Dark Souls 3 surpassing 10 million sales

FromSoftware has announced that the Dark Souls series has sold more than 27 million copies worldwide, on all platforms. Furthermore, the team has revealed that Dark Souls 3 has also sold more than 10 million units on all platforms.

While the team did not reveal any platform-specific sales number, we can at SteamSpy and get an idea of the PC sales.

According to SteamSpy, Dark Souls 3 has sold between 2 and 5 million units on the PC. On the other hand, Dark Souls 2 has sold between 3 and 7 million copies. Lastly, the first Dark Souls has sold between 2.5 and 6 million copies. Again, these aren’t 100% accurate figures, however, they should at least give us  rough idea of how Dark Souls performed on the PC.

Speaking of FromSoftware’s games, a rumor surfaced yesterday about Bloodborne coming to the PC. Now while we’d love to see a PC version of Bloodborne, the source of this rumor was not trustworthy. So yeah, there was no point at all sharing it with you.

But anyway, congratulations to FromSoftware and let’s hope that the team will soon reveal more details about Elden Ring!