Dark Shadows: Army of Evil Announced – Coming To The PC This September

Burian Media Enterprises announced the Medieval Fantasy FPS Game “Dark Shadows – Army of Evil”, an indie-PC-Only SP first-person title, in which the player takes on the role of a knight. According to its press release, the Medieval fantasy game has 19 levels of different areas and is showing gothic architectures and is scheduled for a September release.
A lot of effort was put into different atmospheres, depending on the location of the current level. The player can use up to 18 weapons, that can be found during exploration of the world. For example, he can throw stones, use a sword or flail, or use arrow and bow.
Dark Shadows – Army of Evil is also said to include “Cinematic Effects”. These 3D Blood Splatter Scenes are calculated in realtime. In these scenes the computer generates a random camera direction and angle, as well as for the blood effects.
You can view below two trailers from it. Keep in mind that this is an indie title, therefore it does not feature crisp textures and seems a bit rough around the edges. Truth be told, the game needs more polish, so here is hoping that Burian Media will further work on it.
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil - Official Trailer