Dark Secrets – New footage released; Demo Available

DreamCraft Entertainment released a new video for their indie adventure game that is powered by the Unity engine, Dark Secrets. Dark secrets is nearing its final state of development and this brand new trailer features a massive amount of improvements, better graphics, better gameplay and optimizations. In addition, the company released a new demo for it so go ahead and give it a go.
Dark Secrets set in the isolated village of Calmwood, to which Arthur after five years of absence returns due to the death of his father, forcing him to face his past life. He inherits the family’s old antique shop, and within that the countless of strange objects his father had collected over the years, each one with a hidden past lurking in the shadows, waiting to be brought into the light yet again.
Players will be able to explore the beautiful Scandinavian village of Calmwood and reveal its hidden past, as well as experience a deep and engaging story through the eyes of Arthur, and learn of his family’s troubled past as he unwillingly follows in his fathers footsteps.
Moreover, players can interact with a dozen of intriguing and colorful characters, each one with their own motives and secrets to hide, with the will and means to do what it takes to keep them hidden, and relive the feeling of a classic adventure game.
Dark Secrets will be released digitally. The release date will be announced in the near future.