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Crytek’s F2P FPS, Warface, turns three years old, offers 50 PvP maps in 8 modes & 400 weapons

Crytek has announced that its free-to-play FPS title, Warface, has turned three years old. In order to celebrate the game’s third anniversary, Crytek is releasing today an expansive new Special Operation, entitled Black Shark.

In Operation Black Shark, players infiltrate a gargantuan skyscraper which is being constructed by Blackwood, the military arm of a cabal of supranational corporations. Fighting as part of an elite squad dispatched by Warface – the special-operation forces formed to oppose Blackwood – players must battle hard, smart, and as a team to work their way through each enemy-flooded floor before bringing the tower down. Gamers will take on Blackwood’s finest troops, lead-spitting automatic turrets, and a relentless horde of cyborg warriors in an all-action tower raid that demands players evolve their tactics on the fly.

The new Special Operation arrives in a game update today, which also adds new achievements for players to unlock and weapons to use in-game.

Operation Black Shark arrives in the game’s 37th major game update and today players can enjoy over 50 PvP maps in eight game modes and, counting all variations, use over 400 weapons in battle.

As the press release reads, in the last twelve months alone, content which has expanded the game has included eight PvP maps and the Anubis and Earth Shaker Special Operations, alongside weapons and skins, including Crysis-inspired Nanosuits.

In addition to graphical improvements and gameplay balancing, Warface has also introduced the integration of EasyAntiCheat and FairFight systems to make the battlefield a fairer place for all players and officially supported Warface as an esport through a partnership with ESL – the leading esports event provider – with cash prizes available every week.

Ilya Mamontov, Director of Game Operations, said:

“As we celebrate three years of Warface, we’re excited to roll out Operation Black Shark, our latest co-op PvE Special Operation. Warface has come a long way in three years and has grown and changed enormously, guided by player feedback. We’d like to thank our ever-growing community for coming along with us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to serve them as we add content and evolve the game in the months and years ahead.”

Those interested can sign up to play Warface for free at its official website.


Warface - Trailer - Black Shark Special Operation