Crytek reveal their GDC 2012 Line-Up

Crytek announced today its GDC line up today and is excited to show the PC online game service Warface, its proprietary and scalable real-time game development solution CryENGINE 3 and CryENGINE 3 Cinebox – that also debuts on the show floor with a live demo.
In the Career Pavillion Crytek’s recruiters are looking for the best talent to fill a variety of open positions in Crytek’s headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany as well as its studios in Kiev (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), Seoul (South-Korea) and Nottingham (UK).
GDC Expo is taking place from March 7th-9th in San Francisco’s Moscone Center.
GFACE is Crytek’s recently announced social entertainment service, and its business development team is on the lookout for fun third-party social, casual, core free2play games that can complement their launch line up.
Crytek’s first freemium PC Online FPS Game Service, Warface, will also be present in GDC2012 and invites players to check out its PVE and PVP gameplay.
GDC attendees can participate in CryENGINE presentations every full hour. Topics that will be covered are next-generation DX 11 graphics and tools upgrades, Cinebox, creating characters for CryENGINE, AI Systems, UI Actions and Flow Graph and After Action feature set for Serious Games. Here is hope that we’ll get a new DX11 video demonstration from Crytek’s engine. CryENGINE 3 Cinebox will also be on the showfloor
Last but not least, the team behind Real Time Immersive will be present on the show floor and show their latest developments. Real Time Immersive is a simulation and serious games studio established to support CryENGINE licensees in the serious game and simulation market space.