Crysis Revival V3.9 Released

Crysis 2 modder ‘rGOt’ has released a new version for his amazing C2 total conversion, Crysis Revival. Crysis Revival adopts the environment of Crysis 1 (destructible environment, vegetation touch bending) while keeping the newest technology of the CryEngine 3 (DX11, Texture HD, detail bump mapping, tesselation, Parallax occlusion mapping).
This new version comes with C MOD 2.3, and features a HUD, minimaps, map01 fluidity optimizations, cut scenes changes, new forbidden area (AI), new AI path, smoothing the ground, optimization of camera movements in motion (subjective view).
Those interested can download it from here.

Crysis Revival V3.9 - Level 2 - Presentation by MRGV