Crysis Collection (Crysis, Crysis Warhead + Crysis 2 Maximum Edition) is 75% off on Steam

Great news for graphics whores as the entire Crysis Collection is now available on Steam with a 75% discount. This basically means that you can get Crysis with only 4.49 euros, Crysis Warhead with 2.99 euros and the Maximum Edition of Crysis 2 with 10.49 euros. Or you can get the entire collection with 13.74 euros.
Crysis is still one of the best looking PC titles, that looks even better when players decide to tweak its .CFG files or use various mods. This is a benchmark for your graphics cards and since it’s been released several years ago, we are pretty sure that most of you will be able to run and enjoy it (provided you have upgraded your graphics cards in the past two years).
Those interested can purchase the Crysis Collection from here.

Crysis 2 - Launch Trailer