CryEngine 3 showcases huge and realistic landscapes for the first time

CryEngine 3 has potential. No, that’s not right. CryEngine 3 has HUGE potential and as you may already know, this potential will either be unlocked by the game’s modding community or by a truly next-generation game. Modder Salomo released a couple of days ago some screenshots of his latest maps that showcase – for the first time – some huge and realistic environments.
According to the modder, the mountains were created with GeoControl2, which adds a totally new dimension of creating virtual landscapes. The funny thing is that although these screenshots look quite simple and empty in content, they are as great looking as those before-after screenshots that were released when Crysis 1 was about to come out. It takes a real talent to create something like that, so kudos to Salomo.
Imagine now a game with even more detailed environments – of this size – and proper destructibility. A flight sim game would be perfect with this kind of maps. Oh boy, that would be great but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Well, at least not untill next-generation consoles come out. So for now, enjoy these screenshots!