Star Supremacy promises to redefine browser-based gaming this October

Barbily Games is well on its way to standing on its own as an independent developer and publisher for browser-based MMO games. Last week, Star Supremacy launched a facebook event which gave players the opportunity to win a gaming headset if the facebook page reached 30,000 likes.
Barbily released an article a week ago that covered its intentions on what it will bring to the gaming community:
“Here at Barbily Game we are looking to create an honest game that will appeal to the audience rather than a publisher’s pocket. For us it is highly important that every player can enjoy a game to it’s fullest no matter their feelings on monetisation. What Star Supremacy gives it’s players is an enviroment where every desision is meaningful and the direction of each individual experience is unique. No one will be able to come into the world without leaving their own mark.”
With the online space currently dominated by massive publishers, Barbily Game has chosen to remain independant from the crowd and self publish their game.
“The desision to stay indie was a long and hard one. Partly fueled by the difficulty of a game company getting fair publishing with their first product still in development.
Star Supremacy is the work of a dedicated team who have put their dreams into its production and simply selling the game off will not do. Every member of Barbily Game wants to see this project through and watch it evolve as we work with the players. Star Supremacy was born out of the frustration that most web MMOs availiable are simply carbon-copies of each other with the odd minor new mechanic thrown into the mix. Barbily Game looks to change that by building a universe led by the player’s innovation. With our drive and determination we have made this a reality!”
Star Supremacy will be going live in October for the world to enjoy!