CryEngine 3 coming to Linux, Crytek looking for a Linux programmer to work on it

As we’ve already said, CryEngine 3 has a lot of potential. As various modders have proved, this engine is capable of displaying amazing visuals and it seems that Crytek wants to cover all possible platforms for its latest version. We know that CryEngine 3 is next-gen compatible, and that it will also support Nintendo’s WiiU. However, the engine has never been available to Linux, something that is going to change in the near future.
According to a job listing, Crytek is currently looking for aProgrammer to work on the Linux version of CryEngine 3. The candidate will maintain Linux support for CryENGINE, participate in the development of game prototypes and custom solutions for external partners and ensure reliability of Unix based build systems for SDK releases and special projects.
It’s not clear what CryEngine 3-powered games will be coming to Linux, or whether Crytek will release a free SDK version for it.
But why does Crytek interested in Linux all of a sudden? Well, rumor has it that Steambox will be running Linux, so there is your answer. Our guess is that Crytek will try to expand its horizon on that platform, so we may be looking at a special Linux version of the Crysis trilogy.
Those interested can apply for this job by visiting Crytek’s official website.