Apogee Software Releases Blake Stone: Planet Strike Source Code For Free

Now that’s the spirit. After nearly 20 years, Apogee Software has unearthed the source code (or what’s left of it) for their classic FPS, Blake Stone: Planet Strike. Hear that Atari (or whoever currently owns Blood at Atari went bankrupt)? This code is being made available freely to the public as of today, and you can find a download link below.
As the press release reads, with the release of The Apogee Throwback Pack on Steam, interest in Blake Stone is at an all time high, and Apogee hopes that with the release of this code, fans will be able to bring Blake back in a whole new way.
Apogee CCO Terry Nagy said:
“When we were selecting games for the Throwback Pack and decided to put both Blake Stone games in, I knew we had a golden opportunity to finally release the source code that Blake fans have been wanting for all these years. And when I contacted Mike Maynard, he agreed that it was definitely about time. Nice to know that those old 3.5″ floppies retain data for so long!”
Here is hoping that fans will be able to create an OpenGL mod (or even a re-texture pack) for it.
Those interested can download the source code from here.
Blake Stone - Planet Strike (Apogee Software) (1994) - Level 1