Cry of Fear – Patch 1.2 Released

Amnesia fans, forget what you’re doing and download this mod for Half-Life. Cry of Fear is the closest thing you’ll ever get to Amnesia and is an amazing total conversion for Valve’s old gem. Yeah, it looks dated. However, this is a unique experience and can be appreciated only by those who are willing to overlook its visuals.
The team behind Cry of Fear have released a new update for it that fixes various issues, splits the co-op campaign into 4 chapters and adds a new scary thing in co-op.
In order to install it, you’ll have to launch the CoF app program (the shortcut that generates on your desktop when you install Cry of Fear). If you don’t have the shortcut, you can manually find the .exe in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\yourusername\half-life\CryOfFear\CoFLaunchApp.exe. Once your launch program is up, simply click “CHECK FOR UPDATES”, and it will download it and install it for you automatically. Once the install is done, restart Steam.
Here is the complete changelog of this new update:
•Fixed dropping syringes while healing exploit
•Added player names when mouseover in coop
•Fixed being unable to get an S in doctor mode
•Removed being able to manually save :yow:
•Fixed rare instance of it counting as a game over in coop if everyone else is dead when someone is getting up from revival
•Fixed camera of death being unlocked when it shouldn’t be
•Fixed accuracy not being calculated correctly for the doctor boss
•Fixed book head monsters doing damage after being frozen by camera
•Fixed taller (giants) not attacking when you’re crouching
•Fixed monsters not resetting to their original position during level changes (ex. taller in Waspet Gardens)
•Added new scary thing in co-op
•Split the co-op campaign into 4 chapters
•Fixed the crash when trying to shoot the tentacled slowers or the monsters in the train
•Made dual wielding more stable
•Added the new donators