CROWZ feature

CROWZ is a new multiplayer tactical shooter with semi-destructible environments

ROYALCROW has announced a new multiplayer tactical shooter, CROWZ, and released its gamescom 2021 gameplay trailer. CROWZ is a multiplayer game where players engage in battles as a mercenary called CROW.

Players will have to either compete and accomplish the missions in a squad or experience major combats between factions in a disputed territory.

The game will have two modes: Squad Operation and Blood Zone. In Squad Operation, a mercenary squad is dispatched to the mission of securing Q-on in an open-world map. On the other hand, in Blood Zone, CROWZ are to be formed in a large troop and secure the Q-on extraction sites in the fields of conflict.

Now what’s cool here is that the game features semi-destructible environments. This means that you can destroy fences, trees and some other objects. There is also “bendable grass” (when crawling and shooting).

There is currently no ETA on when the game will come out.