2K Games is to blame for Serious Sam 2’s cartoon-ish style

We are pretty sure that most PC gamers share our opinion; while Serious Sam: The First and Second Encounter were amazing games, their sequel was somewhat lacking that seriousness of old Sammy boy. Although it had hilarious cut-scenes, it was more of a cartoon-ish joke parody. A lot of criticism was made to Croteam for going that way but hold your horses everyone because the developers are not to be blamed. Why? Keep reading.
We’ve seen it in the past; publishers messing around with their game’s development and getting involved. Most – if not all – of the times, this just doesn’t work. And that was exactly the case with Serious Sam 2.
According to Devolver’s rep speaking with Dealspwn back in E3, 2K Games was involved in the development of Serious Sam 2 and forced Croteam to opt a more cartoon-ish style. 2K Games, had put undue pressure on the developers to make their game less serious which resulted to what we got and justifies Croteam’s decision to move away from their initial target.
This also explains the return to Serious Sam’s roots in Serious Sam 3, why there were HD remakes of those particular parts and why Croteam and Devolver are targeting for an experience similar to the first old Serious Sam games. Because those first games – and that “serious” style – were what Croteam wanted to develope in the first place.
Serious Sam 3: BFE will be released this October on PC and is already available for pre-order on Steam!