Creative Assembly Admits Total War: Rome II’s Problems, Releases Hotfix That Improves Map Framerates

Total War Rome II

Creative Assembly’s Creative Director, Mike Simpson, admitted today that Total War: Rome II’s release has not gone as planned and that the team is working hard on fixing this mess. Creative Assembly has also released a hotfix that significantly improves campaign map frame-rate on a variety of hardware combinations, meaning that most people will finally be able to at least play this newly released strategy title.

As Mike wrote on Total War’s official forum, Creative Assembly’s top priority right now is stability and performance – both frame rates in battle and campaign, and end of turn times and loading times. The team will then focus on gameplay spoilers – AI flaws and exploits, balancing tweaks and the level of challenge on higher difficulties. Last but not least, the team will also deal with minor bugs, lesser features that really didn’t pan out, UI improvements, and longer term adjustments to features and systems that could be better.

Mike has also revealed that the second patch of Total War: Rome II will feature 100 fixes, and another 100 fixes are already being tested for the patch after that.

“We have a major improvement to end of turn times in the pipeline, along with around 100 fixes in the next patch. We have another 100 or so fixes already being tested for the patch after that. At this point the limiting factor on getting issues fixed in patches is not our ability to fix issues, it’s our ability to test them and guarantee that we don’t repeat past mistakes by putting a patch out that breaks something new. We’ll also be putting each patch up as a beta you can opt in to before releasing it. It’s our aim to continue patching more or less weekly until all the bugs are dealt with.”

Total War: Rome II will be getting its second patch this Friday, though most of you will be able to test it earlier by applying to its beta patch program.

Enjoy and stay tuned for our Performance Analysis!