Crazy Justice is a new Unreal Engine 4-powered third-person shooter with destructible environments

Black Riddles Studio has announced that it is working on a new third-person shooter game in cel-shaded style with steampunk elements. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4, will feature destructible environments using NVIDIA’s PhysX technology, and will support cross-play between the Xbox One and the PC versions.

In Crazy Justice, players take the role of a hero and save the world from the forces of evil. Players will complete dozens of missions, find new heroes, gather new special weapons and eliminate the steampunk hordes.

Players can build their own custom skill decks, and they can build barricades, walls, deploy turrets and create other defense systems in the game based on their skills.

Although Crazy Justice will be focused on a multiplayer experience, it will also support a single-player mode. In this mode, players can immerse themselves in one of the character’s story while they learn the basics of the game (controls, skills, gadgets). The single-player mode can be played in solo or in co-op with a friend.

Here are the multiplayer modes that will be available in the game:

Survive the Tesla: In the middle of the map a Tesla Coil will generate a shield above the area. During the gameplay the shield is getting smaller until it reaches the final size. Players out of the shield will die. The last living player will win the round.

Survive: The map contains 6 sectors, after a while the system will destroy a randomly selected sector and players who are in that sector have to escape from that area. The player will die if not able to escape during the countdown. At the end only 1 sector will be active and the rest of the players have to fight with eachother on that relative small area.

Protect the Tesla: Two teams fight against eachother. Both of them have a Tesla (at the two sides of the map), with a fortress around it. Players with the collected items (wood, metal, special element etc) are able to upgrade the fortress’s defense system, build barricades and traps using their skills. A generator will create RX6 Minions who will attack the enemy’s fortress. That team will won the match which is able to destroy the enemy’s Tesla or caused more damaged during the round.