Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL Final Gets 1.2 Million Viewers on Twitch

There really shouldn’t be any question at this stage as to whether eSports are popular or even whether they are growing in popularity. The answer to both is unarguably “yes”. None the less I see these numbers sometimes and they can still astound me.

Do you play CS:GO dear reader? I do quite a bit, not as much as Dota 2 (I also watched The International this year, congratulations to team Evil Geniuses, Aui though D:).

Anyways, ESL One Cologne’s CS:GO final was viewed live by 1.2 million viewers on

That number doesn’t count other services that streamed the finals either, just twitch. The group stages of ESL One’s CS:GO tournament actually outperformed the League of Legends LCS finals. The fancy chart below, put together by Gamoloco, displays hours viewed and ESL One owns the podium. Truly an impressive feat, good for Counter-Strike and good for eSports overall.

Thanks: LazyGamer & CS blog